The most pristine and sweet tasting IQF Scallops and Scallops on the Half Shell in the world now available in select retail and club stores and supermarkets! Contact us to find out more.

Farm-raised with a sweet, delicate taste

Grown on a scallop farm in Peru, in the cleanest waters of the Pacific Ocean, they are produced year round without chemicals or additives, free of contamination and pollution.

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Drama, elegance & taste at an affordable price

Farm-raised with a sweet, delicate taste matched only by its majestic multi-colored, mother-of-pearl shell. Each scallop is attached to its original shell to ensure its authenticity.

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Now available for Sale in Retail

Our Half Shell Scallop packaging is retail ready and would be a exciting addition to your Frozen Seafood Department.

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Our Half Shells and IQF scallops are packed in a processing facility that meets all U.S. and European HACCP standards, the only iso-9001-2008 accredited scallop plant in Peru now ASC and Friends of the Sea certified. They are harvested, produced and frozen in less than 3 hours IQF or half shell.

The half-shell scallops can be used for any chef’s application, as an appetizer or entree, and raw bars of all types. A wonderful addition to any seafood soup, chowder or bouillabaisse.


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