Drama, Elegance and Taste at an Affordable Price

Give your patrons a dining experience they will remember always with CNV Brand Raw Individually Quick Frozen Scallops in the HalfShell. Our Scallops on the half-shell make a dramatic presentation with the white meat nestled on a multi-colored, mother-of-pearl shell. Our scallops are harvested in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, bound by the white sands of the Peruvian Desert. Each half-shell scallop meat is naturally attached to its original shell for its authenticity. Meats are consistently sized at 35-40 count per pound, and the shell size is approximately three inches wide.

The half shell eye-appeal and elegance are just the opening act. The main attraction is the sweet, delicate taste your patrons will savor. Our half-shell scallops can be used for any chef’s application – appetizer, entrĂ©e or raw-bar selection.

Our Peruvian Scallops on the Half-Shell are:

  • Naturally fed by the Pacific Ocean. Our Peruvian scallop meats are considered to be the sweetest scallops available
  • Sashimi Grade and all natural 100% scallop meat
  • Free of contamination and pollution
  • Free of chemicals, additives and grit
  • Harvested year round, offering consistent availability and pricing
  • Packed in a processing facility that meets all U.S. HACCP and European ISO standards
  • Harvested, produced and individually quick frozen in less than three hours
  • Protected individually in (12 count) poly bags, 12 bags per case

CNV Brand Raw IQF Scallops on the Half-Shell are imported and distributed exclusively by CNV Marketing, Inc.